Where to stay: hotels and private accommodation

Privat accommodations which we can recommend in our SW region:

2 different Apartments in clean enviroment Casa Biologica

4 holiday apartments with marvelous sea view in Ribeira Funda

Just at the seaside in western part of Paul do Mar you can find the Sunny houses

As well in Paul do Mar just by the sea you find the Casa Amarela

A bit more up in Calheta region of Loreto you find the Casa Flores

And in the same town from a swiss owner the Casa Beleza

As well in Loreto the is the old school to rent Casa Escola Velha

You may also ask Madeira Ferienhaus for help, they have good offers of different accommodations, just mail them what you are looking for

Small nice hotels in our area:

Atrio in Estreio da Calheta

Quinta Alegre in Estreito da Calheta

Estalagem Engenho Velho in Arco da Calheta

Vila Mia in Fejã da Ovelha

In the cosy village Ponta do Sol there is the Hotel da Vila

Big hotels in Calheta area:

Just next to our harbor you’ll find the Calheta Beach Hotel

Soon to be opened a new hotel in Calheta on the other side of the harbor Sáccharum 

On the cliff of Ponta do Sol there is the Estalagem Ponta do Sol

And down in the village of Ponta do Sol the Baia do Sol

In Prazeres the Hotel Jardim Atlantico

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